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No one wants to live in a home or work in an office with a dirty floor. Cleaning may not be the easiest chore and a lot of people would rather not do it. The cleaning process involves some degree of preparation;the right cleaning products have to be bought and arrangements have to be made to have on site good cleaning equipment. Just about anyone can mop clean a floor,some times,but there are some other processes that are performed on floors such as stripping that require a certain level of expertise.You may handle the cleaning and restoration exercise yourself if you have the practical experience required to handle it right. If you are busy or don't have the skills required,you may want to hire a cleaning,stripping and waxing service in Lubbock. This article will attempt to explain the three floor maintenance processes of cleaning,stripping and waxing,in the hope that this knowledge will help you do a better job. Find out more information about Floor Cleaning.


For the most part,all you have to do to keep the floor clean is sweeping and mopping. Insure to clear away all spilled liquids and other mess from the floor immediately. Vacuum cleaners can be used to do a more thorough job in less time.


Floor mats in places where traffic is heavy helps to preserve your floor. Did you know you could use the usual acetone-based nail polish to wash away adamant stains from your floor? Sensitive floor surfaces may require you to use microfiber mops which will not damage the floor. For industrial floors,you can use a high power scrubber. Ask your retailer for advice on the best cleaning solution for your specific floor surface.


Let's talk about stripping now. This process aims at removing embedded dirt and scratches that are noticeable on the surface after a thorough cleaning. Insure that the stripping chemical you use is one that the manufacturer recommends for your floor. Carefully apply the stripping chemical to the floor evenly using a mop. Use a well running scrubber to remove any wax from earlier treatments that could have become accumulated on certain places on the floor. A squeegee is the best tool to remove the stripper solution as well as the wax buildup. Wash the floor with a mop and then let it dry;this ensures all wax residues and stripping chemical is removed. Get more information about floor maintenance http://awesomeshine.org/floor-maintenance/.


Put some wax into a bucket,dip the head into the solution but make sure there isn't too much wax on the mop;apply a thin layer of wax on your floor from the farthest place ,working towards the exit. Apply 2-5 wax layers,depending on your floor and preference. Buff the floor after the wax has dried up to a fine,glossy shine.


If you really don't feel like committing to all this,why not call a reliable Lubbock floor maintenance specialist?


This is How to Maintain Your Floor